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New Iambik audiobook: Trencarrow Secret

October 7, 2011

My latest recording for Iambik Audiobooks, Trencarrow Secret by Anita Davison, is released today.

It is available in MP3 or M4B format directly from Iambik Audiobooks, nearly twelve and a half hours for just $6.99 at:

or you may even be able to win it free if you enter the Iambik First Birthday competition!

Set in 1882, this is the story of the Hart family who spend summer as usual at their country house on the Cornish coast. But this year, things are different. The sheltered and sensitive Isabel is approaching her 21st birthday, and there is talk of an engagement to Jared, the son of old family friends, whom Isabel has known since childhood. Isabel’s mother Marie is seriously ill. And Isabel sees something that turns her world upside down.

The events of this sweltering summer, leading up to Isabel’s birthday ball, form the framework of the story. It is more than a simple historical romance. The Harts must keep up appearances before their house guests and friends despite the tensions that arise within the family, and there are family secrets that Isabel has never been told. Can Isabel come to terms with her deep-seated fears and face reality?

The characters are well-drawn and I had no difficulty in visualising them as I recorded the book. I particularly enjoyed recording the indomitable Aunt Margot, Isabel’s widowed aunt, and Isabel’s brother-in-law Walter who does, oh does so enjoy his food. All in all, a book that I think you will enjoy.

No violence, sex or swearing – makes a pleasant change! :)

“With rich prose and compelling characters, Anita Davison weaves a magnificent Victorian era love story filled with dark family secrets and intrigues. Each chapter is more tempting than the one before it. Fans of eloquent and meaningful romantic historical fiction will want to savour every word. Not only are the historical details well presented, but the love story that unfolds is exhilarating and stunning. A deep, enriching lesson on the nature of life and love.” — Mirella Patzer – Historical Novel Review Blog

Read more about the book and some of the characters on the Trencarrow Secret website and more about the author on her blog, The Disorganised Author.

Iambik’s First Birthday Competition

October 5, 2011

Iambik Audiobooks are giving away free audiobooks in a competition to celebrate its first birthday on October 19th. The first prize-winner will have his/her choice of 10 free Iambik audiobooks, and there are more prizes too. You have two weeks to enter.

See Iambik’s Turning One! Let’s Celebrate with a Giveaway Bash

I have a new Iambik audiobook coming out on Friday. More details then!

June is Audiobook Month: narrator interview

June 13, 2011

The Audio Publishers Association writes that “Every June, the APA carries out a campaign to enhance visibility, awareness and popularity for audiobooks by directly reaching out to consumers. In 2010, over 100 authors and narrators teamed up with publishers to reach approximately 4 million people through all forms of social media.”

As our contribution to the fun, the fragrant Miette has been hounding gently encouraging Iambik narrators to answer a few questions for publication on the blog.

Read my little contribution on the Iambik blog.

As your reward, you can enter #jiam2011 at checkout on for 50% off all titles until the end of June 2011. Stock up for next year!

Ben and the Book of Prophecies – now available!

May 18, 2011

My latest Iambik recording is released today and may be found at

Priced at $6.99, it is part of the latest Iambik collection – this time a varied bunch of nine Science Fiction and Fantasy books. You can get the whole collection for $43.99 – how’s that for value? Less than 50p per hour… (Look at the Iambik blog for an even better offer!)

This is the first of the Prophecies of Ballitor trilogy, and the next book in the series, Race for the Heir, has just been published in paper-back. I am hoping to record that too.

The unlikely hero is a street urchin thief, 12-year-old Ben, who is sent off on his mission by the Dowager Bella, the Queen’s aged but indomitable mother. Villains and goodies aplenty, plus mermen, a talking eagle and a very helpful dog. I enjoyed this – it is well-written and has some splendid characters.

Review of the book:

Fans of Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia may well enjoy this new children’s adventure series from writer Kirsty Riddiford, writes Alex De Moller. The Story centres on Ben, a thief in the city of Quadrivium. He is approached by Royals who want him to steal a fabled Book of Prophecies, so they can see into the future. Expect talking eagles, kings and queens, cloak and dagger, intrigue and the search for a book that won’t turn up.

–Hammersmith & Kensington Times & Kilburn Times

New Iambik title coming soon

April 27, 2011

I am currently finishing my next Iambik recording, due to be released in mid-May: this time a fantasy adventure by Kirsty Riddiford called Ben and the Book of Prophecies.

While its target audience is older children (what is called the “young adult” age-group), I think it appeals to all ages and the reviews on Amazon tend to confirm this.

The book is the first of the Prophecies of Ballitor trilogy, and the next book in the series, Race for the Heir, will be released in paper-back next month. I am hoping to record that too.

The book’s unlikely hero is a street urchin thief, 12-year-old Ben, who is sent off on his mission by the Dowager Bella, the Queen’s aged but indomitable mother. Villains and goodies aplenty, plus mermen and some very unusual animals and birds. I enjoyed this – it is well-written and has some splendid characters.

More about Ben and the Kingdom of Ballitor may be found on the Ben and the Book of Prophecies website.

There’s a (very) wee video on YouTube that gives you the flavour.

There’s now an audio snippet on iambik audiobooks tumbles to introduce you to young Ben.

New Iambik audiobook: It’s Behind You

March 12, 2011

My new audiobook is released today as part of the latest Iambik collection, this time an eclectic mix of crime and mystery from some very good independent publishers.

It’s Behind You is a murder mystery with more than a hint of comedy. It features a former soap star now reduced to playing the Fairy Godmother in Christmas panto at a down-at-heel Newcastle theatre and desperately trying to revive her TV career.

For those of you not au fait with the phenomenon of British pantomime, the Principal Boy was traditionally played by a girl in tights (the only way that Victorian audiences could get a glimpse of a shapely leg), and the pantomime dame was always a man in a ludicrous frock. Nowadays, the principal boy is usually played by a handsome bit of beefcake from TV, although thankfully the pantomime dame has survived in all his glory.

Audience participation is a key part of the show. “It’s behind you” is the audience’s warning to their hero, who generally replies “Oh, no it isn’t!” for the audience to respond lustily “Oh, yes it is!”

In this case, “It’s Behind You” turns out to be a prophetic warning for more than one of the book’s characters…

The author, Keith Temple, is a seasoned scriptwriter for such well-known British TV series as Doctor Who, Emmerdale and Casualty, and the book takes a wry look at the way British TV works these days.

The language is a bit fruity, so if you are easily shocked, well, I’m sorry. ;) It’s very much in character, and I (even at my age) can’t say that I found it offensive. More offensive (at least to the Newcastle ear) will be my flailing at the Geordie accents. Here is my apology to you – I did me best. :lol:

The audiobook download is available direct from at and Iambik recordings are now also available from many other outlets, including Audible, emusic, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and W. H. Smith’s digital catalogues.

Another Iambik audiobook in production

November 20, 2010

I am really looking forward to this one. Iambik Audiobooks have asked me to record It’s Behind You by Keith Temple.

This is going to be fun. It’s about an aging ex-soap-star who has fallen on hard times and is reduced to pantomime in the North-east of England. What a bunch of has-beens and misfits there are in this book! There is certainly plenty of comic scope.

The author, Keith Temple, is a well established script writer for TV shows such as EastEnders, Doctor Who, Casualty and Doc Martin, and this is his first novel.

The audiobook’s release date is likely to be January.


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