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    1. Jim Killavey Says:

      Hi Ruth,

      Just heard one of your Librivox stories and was quite amazed. Very professional. I am a retired teacher and by wife and I own a small “Mom and Pop” audiobook business. Would like to communicate with you about doing some stuff for us. If you are interested, please let me know what you charge per completed hour. Also am interested in including some short stories you have already done for Librivox in our upcoming short story collections.
      I realize they are in the public domain and we don’t need permission to use them but…I wouldn’t want to do that without your permission and payment for it. Let me know if you are interested in either of these. ( New stuff or payment for permission to use old stuff in our collections )
      Jim Killavey

    2. Angela Says:

      Hi Ruth 🙂
      I just wanted to tell you that I am very impressed, and very grateful to you for sharing your wonderful talent. I have stage VI cancer, and find it difficult at times to hold a book. I’m so glad I discovered Librivox, and especially to find you.
      Very Warm Regards,

      • RuthieG Says:

        I am very glad to help in some small way, Angela. We have lost two LibriVox chums to cancer in the past year, and they would be especially pleased that you have found us.

    3. Mike Says:

      Hello Ruth. I just finished listening to “After London, or Wild England” and wanted to thank you for your reading. There is a book I would love to hear you make a recording of and that book is “Survivors” by Terry Nation. The book is a British novel about a young mother trying to find her son and survive after a global pandemic kills the majority of the world’s population. I think your voice would be perfect for the book. There does not seem to be any commercial production of this. If there is any way you could do this, please let me know.

      • RuthieG Says:

        This one hadn’t disappeared, Mike, I need to approve comments before they appear, because of spam comments. Unfortunately I am currently struggling with very limited functionality on a 12 year old laptop, as both my computers have broken within the last couple of weeks, so this is the first opportunity I have had to approve your comment.

        I can only record books for LibriVox that are out of copyright, I’m afraid. I do record some books commercially, but it would be very difficult to obtain the audio rights for this as it was republished only a couple of years ago by a new publisher, I believe.


    4. Dana Quillman Says:

      Hi Ruth,

      I just sent you an email but I want to add ‘Thanks’ for your list of other Librivox readers that are British. I really appreciate that.

      Dana Q.

    5. Julio Vargas Says:

      Hi Ruth

      I just want to share this video.

      (you can also search for “visual speech audiobook”
      in YouTube)
      I am using automatic lip sync to have an animated face
      talking with your voice (The tempest)

      Best Regards,

      Julio Vargas

    6. Lean Pejtersen Says:

      Hi Ruth
      I simply want to thank you. Your recording of “Wuthering Heights” just saved my exam period by making the study so much more enjoyable. Being able to read the book and then listen to it whenever my eyes got sore was wonderful for me. And your interpretation is absolutely fantastic! English isn’t my first language so I had immense trouble getting a clear idea of how the different dialects could sound till I found your reading. Audiobooks can be invaluable to foreign students. And then in the public domain! Just the warmest thanks from me.

      Best regards
      Lean Pejtersen

    7. Sue Gambill Says:

      Hello Ruthie. I am in the middle of listening to The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and I want to say you are such a joy! You are a marvelous reader & I appreciate so much your contribution to Librivox! I listen while I walk at work (3 breaks throughout the day) and I always wonder what people think as they walk towards me because I’ll often have an amused smile on my face or be laughing out loud! Thanks again. Warm regards, Sue Gambill (Tallahassee, Florida)

    8. Julio Vargas Says:

      Hi Ruth

      I am updating the lip sync video with your voice and a
      3D talking face:

      Best Regards,

      Julio Vargas

    9. Hi Ruthie
      I’ve enjoyed a few of your readings on Librivox, you have a wonderful reading style – as clear as a bell and infused with the emotion and story that you’re telling. So it was that I decided to listen to Wuthering Heights recently, having read it so many times, and was absolutely thrilled to see that you did the whole thing. I am enjoying it so much more for that. Thank you so much for the time you’ve put into these fantastic projects.


    10. Kyle Stadelhofer Says:

      Dear Ms. Golding,
      I just want to thank you for contributing so much to the entertainment of others. I love your ability to do so many different voices from little girls to thug assassins. I have to do a lot of driving for work, and it really has made the long driving go by so fast and enjoyably. Thank you.

    11. Harry White Says:

      Hi Ruth, I first heard your storytelling through spotify and loved it!, thanks for all you have contributed for others enjoyment, your a star!, also I’m dying to know if you will be doing any more of the Sherlock Holmes stories?! you did “the adventures” so well…you have become “my Holmes!” .
      All the best
      Harry White

      • RuthieG Says:

        Thank you, Harry :). The answer is… well, it depends where you are. I am currently recording The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, the last of the canon, for It is out of copyright just about everywhere in the world… except the USA, which has extremely weird copyright laws that don’t depend on the date of the author’s death. While I enjoy recording the Holmes stories, I doubt whether I shall do another for LibriVox, at least at the moment.

    12. Remadna Amine Says:

      Hi Sir Lord haves you with him

    13. Nathan P. Says:


      I am listening to the librivox recording of Les Miserables. Without a doubt you are the reader I prefer. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. After reading through your blog I now plan to listen to additional books that you recorded. You surely have an angelic voice.

      Nathan P.

    14. Ruth,

      I am currently listening to your recording of Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, and wanted to thank you. It is a fabulously well-done piece (both the writing and the recording) and I am finding it far more entertaining than I expected. Thanks again,

      Cambridge, MA

      • RuthieG Says:

        Thank you, Griffin. It was a challenging read, and is perhaps not the best translation of this famous work, but it gave me much satisfaction to complete.

    15. Rosemary Moore Says:

      I just sent you a thank you note via Librivox — the first I’ve ever sent — to say how very much I LOVED and enjoyed your rendering of Wuthering Heights. I’m currently listening to Brothers Karamazov, but once I’ve finished, George Barrow’s Lavengrow is next on my list. To my utter delight, when I looked up what other books you had recorded, I see that you are in the process of recording Lavengrow. I’m so pleased and am now really looking forward to it!

      • RuthieG Says:

        Thank you, Rosemary. I fear I have been most remiss with Lavengro. I am going to finish it, and hopefully before the end of 2016.

    16. Ben Charman Says:

      I already replied a thank you to one of your threads on Librivox but as some other searches brought me to this page I thought I would add another. I am also from Kent in England and I have enjoyed walking around the fields near Canterbury listening to East by West, for some reason hearing those little remembrances of the rest of the world from the perspective of an Englishman is very pleasing..

      • RuthieG Says:

        I am glad you are enjoying Lucy’s book, Ben. He is a great favourite of mine. He was a twinkly little man 😀 and I can forgive him for being jingoistic.

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