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Drama page updated – at last

October 23, 2010

I have at last updated the Dramatic Works page here, and I am quite surprised at how many plays I have taken part in.

I do seem to get hauled in to play fading aristocrats and aged queens. I wonder why? 😆 But my favourite of the moment is a short romantic comedy by W. D. Howells called Five O’Clock Tea. Only three quarters of an hour long, but it was sheer delight to do. I do recommend it.

My first commercial audiobook

October 20, 2010

I am rather excited to tell you I have recorded an audiobook for a new audiobook publisher called Iambik Audio, which launches today.

From the Iambik site:

“Iambik is a bit different from traditional audiobook publishers, though. We partner with print publishers and authors, and work with a collective of skilled independent audiobook makers around the world. We record new books and old ones, great books that have been overlooked by traditional audio publishers.

It’s great to be given the opportunity to record more recent books, and some of my other good pals at LibriVox are also involved. Rest assured though, my good listeners, that my LibriVox output will be undiminished.

The Edge of Eden by Helen Benedict is rather different from those I have recorded up to now. It is set in 1960 in the island paradise of Seychelles, and this quote from the book’s summary may give you some idea: 😉

Benedict’s acerbic wit and evocative descriptions serve up a page-turner brimming with jealousy, sex, and intrigue in this ominous Eden.


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