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New Iambik title coming soon

April 27, 2011

I am currently finishing my next Iambik recording, due to be released in mid-May: this time a fantasy adventure by Kirsty Riddiford called Ben and the Book of Prophecies.

While its target audience is older children (what is called the “young adult” age-group), I think it appeals to all ages and the reviews on Amazon tend to confirm this.

The book is the first of the Prophecies of Ballitor trilogy, and the next book in the series, Race for the Heir, will be released in paper-back next month. I am hoping to record that too.

The book’s unlikely hero is a street urchin thief, 12-year-old Ben, who is sent off on his mission by the Dowager Bella, the Queen’s aged but indomitable mother. Villains and goodies aplenty, plus mermen and some very unusual animals and birds. I enjoyed this – it is well-written and has some splendid characters.

More about Ben and the Kingdom of Ballitor may be found on the Ben and the Book of Prophecies website.

There’s a (very) wee video on YouTube that gives you the flavour.

There’s now an audio snippet on iambik audiobooks tumbles to introduce you to young Ben.

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