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New Iambik audiobook: It’s Behind You

March 12, 2011

My new audiobook is released today as part of the latest Iambik collection, this time an eclectic mix of crime and mystery from some very good independent publishers.

It’s Behind You is a murder mystery with more than a hint of comedy. It features a former soap star now reduced to playing the Fairy Godmother in Christmas panto at a down-at-heel Newcastle theatre and desperately trying to revive her TV career.

For those of you not au fait with the phenomenon of British pantomime, the Principal Boy was traditionally played by a girl in tights (the only way that Victorian audiences could get a glimpse of a shapely leg), and the pantomime dame was always a man in a ludicrous frock. Nowadays, the principal boy is usually played by a handsome bit of beefcake from TV, although thankfully the pantomime dame has survived in all his glory.

Audience participation is a key part of the show. “It’s behind you” is the audience’s warning to their hero, who generally replies “Oh, no it isn’t!” for the audience to respond lustily “Oh, yes it is!”

In this case, “It’s Behind You” turns out to be a prophetic warning for more than one of the book’s characters…

The author, Keith Temple, is a seasoned scriptwriter for such well-known British TV series as Doctor Who, Emmerdale and Casualty, and the book takes a wry look at the way British TV works these days.

The language is a bit fruity, so if you are easily shocked, well, I’m sorry. 😉 It’s very much in character, and I (even at my age) can’t say that I found it offensive. More offensive (at least to the Newcastle ear) will be my flailing at the Geordie accents. Here is my apology to you – I did me best. 😆

The audiobook download is available direct from at and Iambik recordings are now also available from many other outlets, including Audible, emusic, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and W. H. Smith’s digital catalogues.

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