Archived comments 2009

As I have run out of space on my home page for comments, I am archiving them here:

November 2009

Barry wrote:

Ruth, I began listening to Edwin Abbott’s Flatland and was transfixed by your mellifluous voice. Thank you for making this available to all of us.

Rachel wrote:

I just finished listening to your recording of “A House To Let” on Librivox, and I enjoyed it so much I had to let you know. Your voice is lovely and your characters are distinct and distinctive–very professionally done and just wonderful. I’m looking forward, now, to listening to your other contributions, as well. Thank you for such an enjoyable listen!

I replied:

Thank you, Barry and Rachel, for taking the trouble to come and comment. It makes the world of difference to know that people are enjoying my recordings. “A House to Let” was particularly good fun to record – I must do some more of those Dickens Christmas stories.

Oluremi J Ogunde wrote:

I’ve been looking for a way to contact you! Thanks for all your recordings. I’ve used some for children’s videos on my Youtube channel.

I’ve used recordings by you, Beth Dudek, Denny Sayers, and Sam Stinson.

You have a distinguished British accent, and you read very pleasantly.

Again, many thanks!

MaryAnn wrote:


One of the first books I listened to on Librivox was The Woman in White – and I loved what you did with Marion Halcomb. That got me on to listening to more books (including a bit of Dickens, which unfortunately was not part of my educational experience), and eventually onto reading a bit myself.

Thanks so much for the work you have done. I picked up Diary of a Nursing Sister last week and I was thrilled to hear your voice starting it off. Keep it up – even the dreariest commute brightens when I hear your voice say “this is a librivox recording”.


Mieke Brak wrote:

Dear Ruth,
I just finished listening to ‘The magic city’, I loved the book and I loved the way you read it. It was better than a movie.
Thank you very much for your reading! I will seek other books read by you, I already look forward to it.
Mieke Brak

I replied:

I am so glad that you are all enjoying my recordings! If you enjoy listening half as much as I do recording them, then I am a happy lady. 😀

(The Magic City is one of my favourites, Mieke – try The Magic World, also by E. Nesbit. They are quite wonderful stories.)

December 2009

Karen Porter wrote:

I just finished listening to your recording of Wuthering Heights on Librivox. Thank you for your absolutely wonderful rendition of one of my favorite works! Not long ago I also enjoyed your characterization of Marian Halcomb in The Woman in White, and now I am off to look for more of your recordings.

You are a very talented reader, and it’s such a pleasure to be able to hear your work via Librivox in an age when reading has become an undervalued skill. Thank you for your recordings; I hope you continue to delight us all with your wonderful voice.

I replied:

Thank you, Karen. Wuthering Heights was quite a challenge, especially as it is such a much-loved book. I am glad that it lived up to your expectations.

Mike wrote:


I cannot thank you enough for your marvelous recordings! On a tip from Julie at Happy Catholic I listened to Told After Supper and was astounded by the quality of the recording.

I just finished Flatland, and wanted to compliment you not only on the reading, but also on your excellent reader’s notes on the diagrams. I was able to visualize the diagrams very well. The book was very thought-provoking and I enjoyed it very much, but I felt a bit melancholy at the end after learning A’s fate.

Keep up the great work!


I replied:

Thank you, Mike. I find that many of the books I record leave me with mixed feelings. Told After Supper made me laugh the whole way through, but like you, I found that Flatland had some very poignant moments. Sometimes I get so attached to my characters that I am sorry when the book ends.

Kate wrote:

Hello, I have just started listening to your reading of Wuthering Heights and though I am but 3 chapters into it, I had to find a way to thank you! I so much enjoy listening to the way you read the story. So, Thank you!! 🙂 Happy New Year.

I replied:

Thank you, Kate. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

3 Comments on “Archived comments 2009”

  1. Joshua Brzoska Says:

    No other recording of Wuthering Heights I’ve heard captures the haunting quality of Bronte’s novel like yours does. I can still hear your voice repeat Heathcliff’s words, “I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!” Thank you so much.


  2. RuthieG Says:

    Thank you, Joshua. I am very touched by that compliment.

  3. Jonny Says:

    Hi Ruthie
    As a newbie to librivox I am totally hooked thanks to you. I have started with Sherlock Holmes and it makes my hours commute to and from work painless. I tried some other recordings and nearly gave up the idea until I found yours. Well done on a professional job. Thankyou and dont underestimate your talent.

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