The world’s worst blogger

Yup, that’s definitely what I am. I have so much to tell you all, and somehow this blog always ends up at the bottom of the list of the things that I have to do.

Thank you all for your comments, which I shall reply to as soon as I can. The thing I was feeling most guilty about was updating the list of British readers. This I have now done, and it’s great to see so many British people getting involved with LibriVox. Let me know of those (doubtless many) that I have missed!

As some of you will know, LibriVox passed its 10th anniversary in August, and now has catalogued over 9000 projects. I’m sorry to say that I have not been contributing as many readings as I would like for various reasons, but I hope soon to be back in full production.

One of the many reasons for my lack of productivity is that I have been, over the past year or so, commissioned to record some commercial audiobooks. I found this very taxing to start with – dead authors are much easier to please than living ones, on the whole ;). However, this will not stop me recording for LibriVox and Legamus, even though I have been so lax of late. The evenings are drawing in, and the coming cold and wet weather will not be enticing me into the garden so much, so I’m looking forward to slaving over a hot microphone again.

Enough for now. I shall try and answer all your comments in the next day or two.

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